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College of Arts & Sciences
Physics and Astronomy

Contact the Melton Observatory

The Melton Observatory is located on the campus of the University of South Carolina at the intersection of Greene St. and Bull St. across from the Russell House Bookstore.

Email the observatory at (preferred method of communication).
Call the observatory at (803) 777-4180.

Public Observing Hours...

Monday nights year-round, weather permitting.
Current Hours: 9-11pm
EST Hours: 9-11pm

We may also open for special astronomical events, such as a lunar eclipse, etc. These events will be posted on our homepage and on our Facebook page as they become available.

Physical Address...

1429 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29208

Mailing Address...

Melton Observatory
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
712 Main Street
Columbia, SC 29208

Observatory Staff...

Sean Morrison graduated in May 2011 with a B.S. in Applied Physics with a concentration in Astronomy from Appalachian State University and in December 2015 with a Masters in Physics from the University of South Carolina. He is currently teaching the observatory classes at USC and conducting research in galaxy evolution for the USC Astronomy group. His various research projects include studying molecules in the distant universe, “Element Abundances in Super-damped Lyman-alpha Absorbers”, and “Element Abundances in a Gas-rich Galaxy at z=5”. 




Krystal Rolon is a second year physics student who has been volunteering at the observatory since Fall 2015. Krystal is the president of the USC Sociecty of Physics Students (SPS) and a member of the USC Astronomy Club. Her hobbies include robotic design, golf, reading, and cooking.






Jeremy Day is currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science at USC. He has worked on bioinformatics research in the department of Engineering and Computing, and is interested in game development and astronomy. Jeremy has been volunteering at the observatory since Fall 2015.