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Physics and Astronomy

Past Colloquia

Fall 2017:

10/26/17 - "DC Power Now" by Dr. Roger Dougal (USC)

10/12/17 - "Almost Dark Galaxies" by Dr. Donald York (University of Chicago)

10/5/17 - "The CUORE Search for Neutrino-Less Double-Beta Decay" by Dr. Frank Avignone (USC)

9/28/17 - "Time-Reversal Invariance Violation in Nuclei" by Dr. Vladimir Gudkov (USC)

9/7/17 - "The Great American Total Eclipse of August 21, 2017" by Dr. Varsha Kulkarni and Dr. Steven Rodney (USC)

Summer 2017:

5/11/17 - "The Total Eclipse of 2017 in South Carolina" by Dr. Varsha Kulkarni and Dr. Steven Rodney (USC)

Spring 2017:

4/20/17 - "The Galactic Atmosphere" by Dr. Andrew Fox (Space Telescope Science Institute - Baltimore, MD)

4/13/17 - "Making a Neutrino-Discovery at DUNE" by Dr. Sanjib Mishra (USC)

4/6/17 - "Probing the Weak Interaction with Neutron Beta Decay" by Dr. Leah Broussard (ORNL - Oak Ridge, TN)

3/30/17 - "The Iterative Process of Scientific Exploration" by Dr. Sergei Urazhdin (Emory University - Atlanta, GA)

3/23/17 - "Magnetic Frustration and Lattice Anisotropy Effects" by Dr. Trinanjan Datta (Augusta Univ. - Augusta, GA)

3/16/17 - "Inhibiting Protein Amyloid Aggregation with Nanoparticles" by Dr. Feng Ding (Clemson Univ. - Clemson, SC)

3/2/17 - "The Importance of Nuclear Modifications to the Nucleon Structure" by Dr. Roberto Petti (USC)

2/23/17 - "Physics of Dark Energy, Gravitational Waves, and Elementary Particles" by Dr. Pawel Mazur (USC)

2/16/17 - "Characterizing the Role of Internal vs. External Processes" by Dr. Preethi Nair (Univ. of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL)

2/9/17 - "The Nucleons Go Two-By-Two:  Correlations in Nuclei" by Dr. Lawrence Weinstein (Old Dominion Univ. - Norfolk, VA)

2/2/17 - "Dark Stars:  Dark Matter Annihilation Can Power the First Stars" by Dr. Katherine Freese (Univ. of MI - Ann Arbor, MI)

1/18/17 - "Expansion of the Universe Seen by Hubble" by Dr. Adam Riess (Johns Hopkins Univ. - Baltimore, MD)

1/17/17 - "Supernovae and the Discovery of the Accelerating Universe" Public Lecture by Dr. Adam Riess (JHU - Baltimore, MD)

1/13/17 - "Massive Quiescent Disks in the Early Universe" Seminar by Dr. Elizabeth McGrath (Colby College - Waterville, ME)

1/12/17 - "Illuminating the Black Hole:  Galaxy Connection with CANDELS" by Dr. Dale Kocevski (Colby College - Waterville, ME)

Fall 2016:

12/1/16 - "Research Cyberinfrastructure Resources and Expertise at USC" by Dr. Phil Moore (USC)

11/17/16 - "Cool Flames in Space - A Hot Prospect in Earth!" by Dr. Tanvir Farouk (USC)

11/3/16 - "Exploring New Tests of Hadron Production Using Jet Physics" by Mr. Reggie Bain (Duke University - Durham, NC)

10/27/16 - "Physics, HF Radars, and Autonomous Vehicles in Oceanography" by. Mr. Douglas Cahl (USC)

10/20/16 - "The Proton-Radius Puzzle" by Prof. Steffen Strauch (USC)

9/29/16 - "Through A Lens, Darkly" by Prof. Steven Rodney (USC)

9/22/16 - "The Materials Genome Initiative:  Tomorrow's Materials Yesterday" by Prof. Jason Hattrick-Simpers (USC)

9/15/16 - "The Quark Model and the Missing Excited Baryons" by Prof. Fred Myhrer (USC)

9/8/16 - "Brilliant Blunders" Public Lecture by Dr. Mario Livio (Space Science Institute - Baltimore, MD)

9/7/16 - "Our Place in the Cosmos" by Dr. Mario Livio (Space Science Institute - Baltimore, MD)

9/1/16 - "Spin Currents" by Prof. Yaroslaw Bazaliy (USC)

Spring 2016

5/5/16 - "An Integration of General Relativity and Quantum Theory" by Prof. Joe Johnson (USC)

4/21/16 - "Dark Matter and First Galaxies Light Up" by Prof. Marusa Bradac (University of California-Davis - Davis, CA)

4/14/16 - "Super-KEKB Accelerator and the Belle-II Detector and Experiment" by Prof. Milind Purohit (USC)

4/7/16 - "Fermilab High Intensity Proton Accelerator and Neutrino Physics" by Prof. Shekhar Mishra (Fermilab - Batavia, IL)

3/31/16 - "Surprises in the Behavior of Magnetic Atoms on Complex Surfaces" by Prof. Barbara Jones (IBM - San Jose, CA)

3/24/16 - "Materials Physics for the Twenty-First Century" by Prof. Ward Plummer (LSU - Baton Rouge, LA)

3/17/16 - "Strong Interaction and the Essence of Mass" by Prof. Ralf Gothe (USC)

3/3/16 - "LIGO Observation of Gravitational Waves: A New Dawn" by Prof. James Clark (GIT - Atlanta, GA)

2/25/16 - "Chasing the Shadows of Galaxies:  Absorption Lines as Probes of Galaxy Evolution" by Prof. Varsha Kulkarni (USC)

2/19/16 - "Pebbles to Planets" Seminar by Prof. Martin Duncan (Queen's University - Ontario, Canada)

2/18/16 - "Hints of New Physics at the LHC"? by Prof. Francisco Yumiceva (FIT - Melbourne, FL)

2/11/16 - "Extreme Value Statistics in Random Matrix Theory" by Prof. Steven Tomsovic (WSU - Pullman, WA)

2/4/16 - "Gravastars: Black Holes with Regular Interiors" by Prof. Pawel Mazur (USC)

1/28/16 - "In Memory of Prof. Richard Webb" by USC Faculty (USC)

1/21/16 - "Fundamental Symmetries and Nuclei" by Prof. Matthias Schindler (USC)

1/14/16 - "The First Stars and Galaxies in the Universe" by Prof. John Wise (GIT - Atlanta, GA)

1/12/16 - "What Drives the Ionization in Intergalactic Medium" Seminar by Mr. Vikram Khaire (Pune University - Pune, India)

Fall 2015

12/3/15 - "The Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events" by Prof. Frank Avignone (USC)

11/19/15 - "The Evolution of Dust in the Local and High Redshift Universe" by Prof. Eli Dwek (NASA - Greenbelt, MD)

11/12/15 - "Shedding Some Light on Dark Matter" by Prof. Richard Creswick (USC)

11/5/15 - "Development and Worldwide Transcendence of Digital Image Correlation" by Prof. Michael Sutton (USC)

10/29/15 - "Large Bandgap Semiconductors from Inception to the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics" by Prof. Azif Khan (USC)

10/15/15 - "The History of Low Energy Neutrino Physics and the 2015 Nobel Prize" by Prof. Frank Avignone (USC)

10/1/15 - "Scattering, Metamaterials, and Superresolution" by Prof. Michael Fiddy (UNC Charlotte - Charlotte, NC)

9/24/15 - "A Standardization for Numerical Information and the Identification of Dominant Structures" - Prof. Joe Johnson (USC)

9/17/15 - "Nanocarbons in Condensed Matter Physics" by Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus (MIT - Cambridge, MA)

9/10/15 - "Neutrino Induced Meson Production Reaction in the Resonance Region" by Prof. Toru Sato (Osaka University - Japan)

9/3/15 - "Stellar Explosions in the Early Universe" by Prof. Steven Rodney (USC)

Spring 2015

4/23/15 - "Dark Matter in the Cosmos" by Prof. John Vergados (University of Ioannina - Greece)

4/9/15 - "Fundamental Symmetries of the Early Universe" by Prof. Michael Ramsey (UMA Amherst - Amherst, MA)

4/2/15 - "Reactor and Accelerator Neutrino Experiments" by Prof. Camillo Mariani (Virginia Polytechnic Instit. - Blacksburg, VA)

3/26/15 - "The Lonesome Higgs" by Prof. Richard Kass (Ohio State University - Columbus, OH)

3/19/15 - "Formation and Rotation of Galaxies" by Prof. Michael Fall (Space Telescope Science Institute - Baltimore, MD)

3/5/15 - "Universality in Halo Nuclei" by Prof. Daniel Phillips (Ohio University - Athens, OH)

2/26/15 - "Nuclear/Particle/Astrophysics with Slow Neutrons" by Prof. Michael Snow (IU Bloomington - Bloomington, IN)

2/19/15 - "How Cosmic Collisions Shape the Universe" by Prof. Jeyhan Kartaltepe (Natl. Optical Astronomy Observ. - Tucson, AZ)

2/12/15 - "Exploding Stars in Interesting Places" by Prof. Steven Rodney (USC)

2/5/15 - "An X-Ray Perspective on the Evolution of Galaxies" by Prof. Bert Lehmer (Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD)

1/22/15 - "Movie: Particle Fever" by Prof. Matthias Schindler (USC)

1/15/15 -  "Physics of Thermoelectric Materials" by Prof. David Singh (Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Oak Ridge, TN)

Fall 2014

12/4/14 - "Probing the Proton" by Prof. Steffen Strauch (USC)

11/20/14 - "Searching for Solar Axions and Axion-Like Particles with Magnetic Helioscopes" by. Prof. Frank Avignone (USC)

11/6/14 - "SC State Museum Planetarium Show" by. Prof. Richard Creswick (USC), Sponsored by the SC State Museum

10/30/14 - "What's the (Quantum) Matter with Black Holes"? by Prof. Emil Mottola (Los Alamos National Lab - Los Alamos, NM)

10/21/14 - "Magnetic Materials in Medicine" by Prof. Tim St. Pierre (Univ. of Western Australia - Crawley, Australia)

10/16/14 - "Climbing the Ladder of Density Functional Approximations" by Prof. John Perdew (Temple Univ. - Philadelphia, PA)

10/9/14 - "Missing Metals and Baryons in Galaxies" by Prof. Smita Mathur (Ohio State University - Columbus, OH)

10/2/14 - "Do Neutrons Oscillate"? by Prof. Rabindra Mohapatra (University of Maryland - College Park, MD)

9/25/14 - "The First Few Minutes of Few-Body Physics" by Prof. Kenneth Nollett (USC)

9/18/14 - "Measuring Inflation: The Classy Way!" by Prof. Dominik Gothe (Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD)

9/11/14 - "Measuring the Universal Meditating Force Between Objects" by Prof. Scott Crittenden (USC)

9/4/14 - "Pattern-Transfer Nanomanufacturing Using Magnetic Recording" by Prof. Thomas Crawford (USC)